Editing Services

Every writer reaches a point when they feel stuck. You may be there now, especially when it comes to pursuing that next step for your book: editing.

What editing style is best for my book? How do I know what my novel needs to be successful?

Every author and book is different and, as a result, will need a unique style of editing to address its needs. To identify what style will bring your book to its highest potential, I offer a free consultation where I analyze your manuscript to determine these unique needs. If you’re interested in this consultation, let me know! This is the perfect way to determine the best course of action for your book.

More information about the editing packages I can apply to your book is outlined below. For further details on the different editing styles, please follow these links to read about each one: copy editing, line editing, and developmental editing.

  • Copy Edit – A thorough analysis that examines anything and everything grammar-related. This edit will ensure your book is grammatically perfect and error-free.
  • Copy and Line Edit – Enhances syntax, sentence flow, and readability. A step up from the copy edit, this editing package includes sentence rewrite suggestions that will enhance the linguistic structure of your book as well as scrub out any grammatical issues that may be present. This package edit will ensure your book is error-free while also guaranteeing it’s written in a style that’s both entertaining and impactful.
  • Developmental Edit – Completely focuses on the “big picture” issues: narrative flow, idea development, and book structure. This edit provides a complete analysis of your book’s organization from start to finish. This is an edit that solely concentrates on enhancing the story you’re wanting to tell and ensuring that story is told in the most cohesive, clear way possible.
  • Exclusive Edit – With this editing package, you’ll receive everything I have to offer: a copy (anything and everything to do with grammar), line (syntax, sentence flow and enhancement, readability), and developmental (flow of the entire book, enhancing the deeper elements of the manuscript) edit. It does well to cover every single issue that might be present. This extensive edit is definitely the most sure way to bring your book to its highest potential.

The Benefits of a Final Proofread – Once your book has been edited, you also have the option of a final proofread! With a proofread, once I complete your initial edit, you’ll look through my suggestions, make any changes you’d like, then return it for a final read-through. This ensures that after your changes are in place, you have one more scan to make sure everything is completely ready to go. I offer this to my clients who have purchased any of the edits above for the SUPER low price of $0.01 per word.