My OFFICIAL Harry Potter Book Ranking!


I’ve thought and thought and thought… and in the end, I’m happy with my list. In this video, I discuss where I rank each and every Harry Potter book, from least to greatest. Will you agree with my list or my favorite book? I guess we’ll see.

I would love to see your list as well! What’s your favorite Harry Potter book? Do you like the smashing ending Deathly Hallows gives us, or do you prefer the action and adventure of Goblet of Fire? Let us know in the comments! I’d LOVE to see how you rank them. No judgment here! We all know these books are awesome, and some of them were so close for me. Let’s get started!

Enjoy! Get ready for chapters one and two of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, which will drop next week. I’m beyond excited to start a new book with you guys!

Disclaimer: I do not own any element of the Harry Potter series.


6 Replies to “My OFFICIAL Harry Potter Book Ranking!”

  1. Mine for now, I 🤔 think.
    1. Half-blood Prince
    2. Goblet of Fire
    3. Order of Phoenix
    4. Sorcerer’s Stone
    5. Prisoner of Azkaban
    6. Deathly Hallows
    7. Chamber of Secrets

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  2. Like you said, always subject to change.
    I’m into my 14th read through of the series and I’m enjoying it as much as the first time.
    My list right now is:
    1 – Deathly Hallows. The culmination of all our feelings summed up in this book and finally justice for the Wizarding World.
    2 – Order of the Phoenix. Just an amazing set-up for the wars to come. Most people hate it because of how long it is. So much information is included in this book that seems extraneous at the time, but of course we find out why later. Still mad that Weasley Is Our King didn’t make the film.
    3 – Sorcerer’s Stone. Where it all began. Period.
    4 – Prisoner of Azkaban. Harry’s world finally starts to make sense to him as he finds out more about what actually happened to his parents. The fact that we kind of forget about Voldemort in this one doesn’t hurt the story.
    5 – Half-Blood Prince. Yes, it’s amazing. Yes, the lead up to the first Battle of Hogwarts is worth the entire read (mad this didn’t make the movie as well). And yes, the back story of Tom Riddle gives us an in depth look at what makes a boy choose his path. But it’s low on my list because even though it’s a great ‘middle of the sandwich’ between Order and Hallows and, of course, Dumbledore’s death shocking us all happens, the rest of the story feels like it could have been added to the end of Order and the beginning of Hallows. A real ‘info you’ll need later on’ type of feel to it.
    6 – Goblet of Fire. Plenty of action, check. Return of Voldemort, check. Harry realizing exactly what Voldemort is capable of i.e. killing Cedric for no reason, check. Otherwise, I can take or leave this one. When the events surrounding the Yule Ball become the most entrancing thing in the book besides what I’ve already listed, it’s a problem.
    7 – Chamber of Secrets. This to me still has them in their bratty stages. Plus the accuse Harry and then forgive him when more details come out roller coaster becomes mundane. Still a great read, but someone’s gotta be last.

    Don’t get me wrong, I could go on for hours discussing these books in great detail. And the obvious comparisons to the films added into the mix has been a recurring discussion between me and my sons for years. This is my opinion right now. Could change, you never know.


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