About You, About Me

“Let me live, love, and say it well in good sentences.”

Sylvia Plath

In the journey to create, it’s easy to hit that moment where you feel “stuck.” You know the place I’m talking about. Picture this: You’ve been working for hours and hours behind a keyboard as you aim to accomplish that admirable goal you’ve been striving for, and now… You’re discouraged and not sure of your next steps.

Perhaps you’re an author who has finally crafted the story you’ve longed to tell and are now looking for help on your way to publishing success.

Or you’re the business owner—carving a path for your company—who is searching for someone to craft well-written, creative, expectation-smashing copy.

Or maybe you’re a literary mind with the kernel of an idea for your next novel—but you could use some help blueprinting your ideas as you get started.

All of these beautiful destinations start with you and your words. You know where you want to go, and I, an editor/writer with a passion for story-telling, would love to partner with you to ensure that destination becomes a reality.

I’m Madison Darby, a creator specializing in editing, copywriting, and book coaching who is passionate about helping other creators reach their goals—whether they be writers, business owners, novelists, entrepreneurs, or somewhere in between.

All of you are diligent dreamers dedicated to making your goals a reality—and I’m here to help.

A few of my clients over the years have included authors readying their books for the publishing world, businesses searching for copy that will enhance their brand and reach their potential customers, graduate students looking for a careful eye to review their work, and writers struggling to begin their stories.

If the written word (and especially grammar) is involved, I’m your girl! You need someone who will care for your story, your brand, your writing as much as you do. I would be honored to help you achieve the writing goal you’re pressing toward. Reach out to me for editing, copywriting, or book coaching services today!

Fun Facts:

  • I’ve been working with writers and other creators for five years.
  • When I’m not editing, I’m reading! The series that has impacted me the most (as you’ll be able to tell from my blog) is Harry Potter.
  • The comma is my favorite member of the punctuation family, and I’m obsessed with learning all of its rules.
  • My husband and I work with our church here in the state of Ohio, specifically in worship coordination and youth.
  • Philippians 1:20 is the verse that drives my work with my clients. I strive to be ethical, supportive, encouraging, and caring to all the people I partner with.
  • I’m happiest when holding a mug of tea and watching the latest episode of my current TV show.

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